Heavenly Guidance

Yutang Lin

Spontaneous expressions have become a bit talkative;
Heavenly guidance heard, to restrain writing abusive.
One's blind spot could hardly be found and reviewed;
If not due to such kind reminder, I would still be lost.


The other day during my sleep I was blessed with heavenly guidance; a voice said in Chinese: "Ni You Xie Hua Tai Duo Le" (You have become a bit too verbose.) Therefore I reflected on my situation and realized that, since my writings are all spontaneous, I might have spent too much energy and time on writing poems of Dharma. In addition, with the intention to benefit all people in the world, whenever I have some work written in Chinese, I would right away translate it into English myself, and consequently the amount of my efforts would more than double. Since I received this guidance I have reduced my writing of poems. This piece is composed, not because of inability to change old habits resulting in action contrary to the teaching, but only because such guidance is most precious for pointing out one's blind spot. Therefore, I made the effort to record it so that such grace may spread and be appreciated far and wide.

Written in Chinese on June 28, 2003
Translated on June 30, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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