Holy Epithets Heard

Yutang Lin

"Four Seas Guan Yin" and "Iron-Arm Guan Yin" heard,
With great might to conduct salvation all over the world.
Holy epithets revealed to bless aspiration to compassion;
Attempting to match the ideal I exhaust my scanty offer.


This morning while sleeping I heard: "Si Hai Guan Yin," followed by "Tie Bei Guan Yin." (Epithets of Avalokitesvara in Chinese meaning, respectively, Four Seas Guan Yin and Iron-Arm Guan Yin.) Since these are epithets unheard of to me I figure that they signify respectively two aspects of Guan Yin's thirty-two kinds of salvation responses to sentient beings' pleading for help, namely, it is spreading all over the world, and it is conducted with great might. As a humble practitioner, even though I am blessed to learn of the holy epithets so that I may aspire to match such ideals, due to my poor qualities and merits all I could do is to exhaust my efforts in Dharma services.

Written in Chinese on June 28, 2003
Translated on June 30, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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