Complete Renunciation

Yutang Lin

The path of awakening is free of dusty pollution;
Any tiny bit of attachment can delay and divide.
Usually people could not renounce worldly way,
Because they don't see that all need be given up.


How could the salvation of all beings in the Dharmadhatu be limited by any personal reasons? It is necessary to renounce all personal considerations completely in order to step truly on the path of awakening. Usually it is not easy for people to renounce worldly ways in order to engage completely in Dharma pursuits; it is only because people lack the understanding that one needs to pay no attention to worldly considerations completely and make up one's mind to face even life and death as it comes in order to take the step of complete renunciation for Dharma. In fact, any matter in the world could not be completely controlled, not to mention the circumstances and manner of how one will live or die.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 25, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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