Viewing the Stars

Yutang Lin

Confusing worldly affairs force sufferings to accumulate,
Squeezing people's minds into tiny bits as mustard seeds.
Viewing the starry space to appreciate such vast expanse,
Merging into Dharmadhatu is even more without bounds.


Our minds are clustered by worldly trifles into habitual accounting of pennies and nickels, and so much so that we often lose sight of causal considerations that are of matters of life and death, transmigration in suffering or liberation in tranquility. Thus, the boundless openness of Dharmadhatu is certainly inconceivable. Fortunately we have astronomical knowledge, even though qualified by our sensory limitations and artificial theories, that could help us to open our mind's eyes and enlarge the scope of our concerns to extremely enormous extent. Such comprehension could help Buddhist practitioners to advance further in their comprehension of the limitlessness of the Dharmadhatu.

Written in Chinese on June 20, 2003
Translated on June 21, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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