Transmission over Thousand Miles

Yutang Lin

"Transmitting sounds over thousand miles" is not an empty phrase;
In oneness of the Dharmadhatu it is easy to communicate far away.
Propagation of Buddha's teachings involves no partial preferences;
Mind's voice was transmitted overseas by inspiration into a dream.


An Upasika in Tainan, Taiwan was practicing to convert text files of my Chinese works into nice-looking document files according to the format as established by Upasaka Hung Kwok Sing. Day before yesterday the two files she sent me for review were imperfect, indicating that she had not mastered the process. So I sent her an email to let her know about it. She was wondering about how to fix the problem that resulted from incompatibility of our computers. Unexpectedly, yesterday in her dream she at first saw halfway in the air a well-formatted blue page with a poem I wrote and then heard my voice saying, "This time it is well done; there is no more mistakes." Thereupon, she dared not stay idle but jumped off the bed to continue to work on two files, and immediately sent them via email to me for review. She deeply believed in the authenticity of this transmission through the dream. Later she received my email and got the confirmation that the files were indeed well done this time. Thus the message received in her dream was indeed an inspirational case of "transmitting sounds over thousand miles.". (In Chinese martial art novels there are mentions of a special Gong Fu called "Transmitting Sounds over Thousand Miles." Usually it is taken only as a fanciful invention by those authors; unexpectedly it has realized through Buddhist practices.)

Upasika Xu in St. Louis, Missouri was practicing similar conversion for my English works. After she started doing this work one night she had the following dream: she showed printout of my poems that she had worked out to me, and said that she did it. I replied, "Yes. Keep trying. Don't give up." After I reviewed the work, with a smiling face I said to her, "That's right."

These inspirational events bear witness to the truth of the teaching that the whole Dharmadhatu is in limitless oneness. When we are selflessly devoted to the propagation of the Dharma for the benefit of all sentient beings, communication born of such oneness may occur naturally and easily beyond efforts or intentions.

Written in Chinese on June 14, 2003
Translated on June 15, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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