Opportunity for Changes

Yutang Lin

Economic depression yields unemployment everywhere;
Take it as a vacation from heaven for calibration of mind.
Carefully reflect on life to ascertain definite significance;
What should be given priority might be rearranged anew!


As economics takes a downward trend there are more unemployment than usual. Too much leisure is rather dull; don't waste such days away. Regard it as a vacation for recuperation from exhaustion and calibration of mind. Reflect on past courses and review human lives. Reconsider your priorities and reassign their order. Take the opportunity to study Buddhist teachings, practice repetition of Buddha names or mantras to purify your mind, and make prostration to Buddha daily to improve your health. Thus you will survive the hard time and stay in good shape.

Written in Chinese on June 13, 2003
Translated on June 15, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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