Renouncing Grudge for Peace

Yutang Lin

When would retaliation in cycles come to an end?
How could violence be stopped by more violence?
No peace here today, tomorrow may never arrive.
In mutual tolerance discard grudge to share living.


Treat each other with violent actions, and retaliate in endless cycles; such life has no day of peace, and upon death has no tomorrow. In peace benefits may be shared; in war all will be hurt. Since we are all sentient beings, we should endeavor for a way to living. In mutual tolerance discard grudges; renounce use of force to share peace and security. This transient human life is full of predicament and suffering; may all realize this soon to stop adding infliction.

Written in Chinese on June 13, 2003
Translated on June 15, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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