Merits Well Accumulated

Yutang Lin

Merits well accumulated, worldly connections exhausted,
A vow to recite the Diamond Sutra still needs fulfillment.
Requested a friend to tell wife to resume the daily session;
Such inspiration enhances faith all over the neighborhood.


A few years ago I performed a fire puja to Green Tara in Xin Ying, Taiwan with much help and permission to use the front yard from Mr. Jun Yu Yang. At that time I also performed consecration for the Guan Yin image and the Earth God statue worshipped on their family altar. Afterwards both Mr. and Mrs. Yang dreamed of the Earth God expressing thanks.

One day in early January of this year Mr. Yang saw in a dream an old man came to say to him, "You have been a very good person, and have completed your accumulation of merits." He was very surprised at this when he woke up. That afternoon suddenly he passed away due to heart failure. Afterwards he communicated to a friend who has psychic abilities that he had vowed to recite the Diamond Sutra daily for three years, and had not fulfilled this vow yet. He asked his friend to tell Mrs. Yang to continue this daily practice on his behalf until fulfillment of the vow. Mrs. Yang agreed to fulfill this vow for him, and has been conducting daily session of recitation of this Sutra and chanting of Amitabha.

The good deeds and Dharma practices of Mr. Yang won praises from deities and he was favored with a notification of completion of mission. He further communicated supernaturally to ask his wife to continue his Dharma practice so as to help the family make progress on the spiritual path. Such a human life could well serve as a model for others to follow. Hence I recorded it here to spread his influence to the public toward spiritual cultivation.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 6, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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