Yutang Lin

In chaotic worldly ways one easily gets lost;
Competing for self-interests brings no peace.
Even for charity insufficient ways and means;
Only pursuits of awakening everlasting good.


Worldly affairs are chaotic and uncontrollable; hence not few people get lost and could not find meaningful directions in life. Some would set as their goals the pursuit of self-interests, and got into unceasing entanglements and fighting that condemned their peace and harmony of body and mind. Some would consider helping others and promoting public welfare; nevertheless, due to insufficient ways and means or complicated situations, they became exhausted and saw only scanty and transient improvements. Only Buddhist teachings expound on original purity of all phenomena and provide practices that could lead to ultimate liberation from suffering. If one could follow the teachings by engaging in solid practices, then in the long run, one would not only attain peace and harmony of body and mind but also become capable of guiding others on the path of awakening to share the harmonic joys.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 31, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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