Vision of SARS

Yutang Lin

Shaped like a capsule with roots like orchid-root,
Green leaves, white blossom, and shooting seeds;
SARS showed up to convey warnings in a dream;
Half of them withered, the menace's not over yet.


About ten days ago, right before I woke up in the morning I saw in a dream two bunches of SARS inside a closed space. (In the dream I knew that they are the appearance of SARS.) They shaped like indoor plants (but without pots and dirt). Each one is about as tall as one and half a person's height. The outward shape is like a cylindric capsule standing up. The roots are like orchid-root but thicker and bigger; they spread around the lower end, grow downwards halfway then turn upwards and outwards the rest of the way. Small green leaves grow along small branches. At the upper end, among those leafy branches, there are branches of small white flowers. I felt that those flowers could shoot out seeds. These two bunches of SARS are different only in that the roots of one bunch are all dried up, while those of the other bunch are alive. The two bunches are of about equal sizes.

This kind of inspirational dream was not prayed for, and unexpectedly and naturally occurred. Here I recorded it as it was so that people interested in spiritual practices may share the experience.

Written in Chinese on May 30, 2003
Translated on May 31, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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