Grasping to Self

Yutang Lin

One tiny bit yet totally covered mind's eye,
Following intentions to create much karma.
Even though Dharmadhatu is unfathomable;
Surely it works despite personal disposition.


It is usually the case that people's mind's eye is totally covered by grasping to self. Placing priority to one's intentions, one creates karma accordingly, and floats up and down with happy feelings and worries. If such a deluded grasping could be put to rest for a while, and one attempts to take a glimpse of the expanse of Dharmadhatu, then one might come to realize that, in reality, the tiny self is insignificant to the operation of the whole Dharmadhatu. Why would one allow the clarity of mind be disturbed at the mercy of grasping to self?

Written in Chinese on May 25, 2003
Translated on May 26, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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