Yutang Lin

Paths for practice are multiple in theory;
Real attainments are beyond conception.
Basic principles are mutually congruent;
Setting of stations varies with ingenuity.


Of the many paths of practices in Buddhism their basic principles need to be mutually congruent to qualify as Buddhist teachings. To those with harmonious attainment or right views there is no such path that one could not follow. One simply chooses a path in accordance with one's propensity and opportunity. As to the arrangement of stages and stations on each path it is up to the ingenuity of the patriarchs. It is not necessarily possible to make comparisons or find proper correspondences. A practitioner need not spend time and energy on attempting to match those stations and stages of various paths. Especially in the case of Chan comprehension that is beyond any speeches or means, where could the comparison even start?

Written in Chinese and translated on May 6, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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