Escaped from under Thoughts

Yutang Lin

Disentangling is a long-term constant endeavor;
As thoughts arise see through them to overpass.
Mind ensnared could hardly reflect and awaken;
Swift escape from under thoughts upon maturity.


Fruitful results of endeavors toward liberation could not be attained just by transient enthusiasm, but require sustained cultivation of the ability to reflect in accordance with Dharma teachings as thoughts arise. Only then could one gradually experience the peeling off of many layers of entanglements. Right under the confinement and restriction of thoughts and views it would be extremely difficult to appreciate the real situation of such a predicament, not to mention to escape from its snare. Through long-term practices one gradually matures to the point that swift escape from under thoughts would happen naturally.

Written in Chinese on May 3, 2003
Translated on May 6, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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