Conditions for Salvation

Yutang Lin

Both ends of conversion are indefinite;
Salvation rests on matching conditions.
Wayward encounters couldn't be fixed;
Life based on Bodhi is naturally at ease.


Dharma teaches that all are selfless; in other words, all are phenomena resulting from gathering of conditions, and hence there is no independently dominant factor. All things in the Dharmadhatu are mutually affecting and being affected by one another; any one causal factor has its effects, be it huge or trivial, inconspicuous or apparent.

Conversion and salvation through Dharma activities cannot go beyond the universal truth mentioned above but depend on the meeting and matching of all sorts of causal conditions. Once this is understood, those that will be converted and liberated will have their opportunity and readiness in time but could not be hurried. Therefore, practitioners have no preconditions in mind, will not be limited or affected by the evolution of situations, but remain at ease and at peace in a life of Bodhi endeavors.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 2, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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