Scenery on Ink Blocks

Yutang Lin

Scenery of West Lake praised by imperial poems;
Dharma talks infused with Chan moments hidden.
Fragrant ink blocks with fine strokes carefully cut,
Preserving the fleeting shades for Buddha to enjoy.


Mr. & Mrs. Wang of Bei Jing sent me a set of ink blocks that depicts ten famous scenery of West Lake. The shape and size of these ten blocks are all different. On each block one side is a famous scenery carved in fine strokes, with golden color lightly touched on here and there, and the other side is the name of the scenery and a poem praising it as composed by an emperor, with the characters neatly carved in fine calligraphy. When I received such nice presents I immediately felt grateful to Yogi Chen for leading me into this life of Dharma services. So I offered them in front of his thangka. I am also grateful to the couple for their devotion and generosity, so I wrote this poem to mark the occasion.

Written in Chinese on April 24, 2003
Translated on April 25, 2003

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