A Timely Reward

Yutang Lin

A promise made remains unforgotten for three years;
A ritual of Manjusri Sutra accomplished at midnight.
Just learned of the mailing of nice tea in the morning;
At noon the package from Xi An has arrived already.


Three years ago I consented to a request from Upasaka Zhao in Xi An, China to compose a ritual for the practice of recitation of the Sutra on Real Significance of Manjusri's Names. Upasaka Zhao is well versed in the recitation of this Sutra and can recite the whole Sutra from memory. Hence I agreed to do so in order to help him cultivate deeper understanding and attainment. Recently I had finished English translation of several major Sutras and my writings on them, hence I took time to work on this project. Stanley Lam helped me in this endeavor by sending me several files related to this Sutra. Using the materials provided by him as references, I was able to provide a Chinese transliteration of the mantras therein that is easier to pronounce than the ancient ones. The composition of this ritual was completed around midnight of April 18, 2003 and right away I offered it to the public via emails. The next morning I got reply from Zhao and learned then that he had mailed me a package of Tie Guan Yin tea back in March via sea mail. Unexpectedly, at noon the package arrived in the mail, just as if to give me a timely reward to thank me for the service. The wondrous coincidence is so unusually nice that I wrote it down for all to share the thrill.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 21, 2003
El Cerrito, California

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