Learning from the Dharmadhatu

Yutang Lin

Operation of the causal law goes beyond saying;
Evacuate personal views to appreciate and obey it.
Thus saving the troubles of private rules and controversy;
Only selfless intentions could enjoy freedom in life.


The usual way of learning from teachers could hardly escape the pitfall of sectarian views and competitions. Furthermore, each teacher or school would set up numerous rules and regulations leading to further complications of interpretation and enforcement. Learning from the Dharmadhatu would provide each person equal opportunity for individual study without incurring all sorts of arguments on views and regulations. Nevertheless, the Dharmadhatu operates in accordance with the law of cause and effect, and each individual need to appreciate the unspoken rules with an open mind and to obey them in selfless ways. Otherwise, acting out on self-assertions would eventually encounter the bitter fruit of its consequences.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 9, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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