Receiving and Guiding upon Encounter

Yutang Lin

Limitless Dharmadhatu is the Bodhi, and yet
Fabric of perception and knowledge blinds the insight.
Practicing diligently to broaden and release in unison,
Upon encounter respond with aim to provide Dharma.


When would one merge into oneness with the limitless Dharmadhatu as a whole? Practicing diligently the unification of broadening and releasing would eventually harvest abiding in the Bodhi. (Opening up the mind and letting go of grasping are two sides of the same coin of liberation.) All responses to others upon encounter are based upon the deep intention to increase their connection with the Dharma through receiving and guiding to the point.

Written in Chinese on July 8, 2000
Translated on July 9, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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