Nectar Falling Only around One House

Yutang Lin

A request for vase offering was made for the sick old mother,
Soon afterwards she left suffering and passed away peacefully.
Friends and relatives stayed by her side to chant "Amitabha";
Suddenly came a shower of nectar falling only around this house!


A few days ago Tan Kong Hui sent me an email asking me to offer a vase to the Dragon King for an eighty-one year old lady. Her name was Lim Boon, and she was an overseas Chinese living in Melaka, Malaysia. Her son made the request on her behalf because she was so very ill. The intention was to pray for her to get well soon. However, even before the vase was prepared she soon passed away peacefully. During her final hours friends and relatives gathered beside her to help her by chanting "Amitabha" in unison. Suddenly a shower of nectar fell on the area surrounding this house for about half an hour. What was most unusual is that the rest of the street did not get even a drop. Such an obvious sign of inspirational blessing brought much relief to the family and friends. The son expressed thanks to the Dragon King and me, and asked that the merits of offering the vase be dedicated to her rebirth in the Pureland instead of the original intention. I have also performed Powa for her to help her gain rebirth in the Pureland.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 6, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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