Falling not into Dharma Trap

Yutang Lin

Let all things go without compelling;
Likewise, let the Dharma spread according to situations.
When gathering and parting are both natural,
You and I would remain free from heartaches.
Having the same goal and path to pursue,
Only then can people practice together.
Otherwise, all endeavors would turn out in vain;
Eventually it was just another market meeting.


With resolution to propagate the Dharma, there is no hurry for immediate results. Long term endeavor would naturally yield fruits in time. Managing and soliciting in human relationships are far from the Dharma path, and would eventually leave behind only unresolved entanglements and disturbances. Why would a practitioner bother to pursue such things?

Written in Chinese on July 3, 2000
Translated on July 5, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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