Standing on No Reliance

Yutang Lin

Position and power, wealth and influence easily net the mind.
Remaining deluded in mirage one could hardly survive.
Poor and inconspicuous, walking alone to experience details fine,
Without threads of reliance, enjoy being naturally alive!


Worldly attachments that are commonly held could easily yield entanglements that blur clarity of mind. Things in life are impermanent. In an instant all could suddenly cease to be the same as if an illusion had just ended. Awakening after a drastic change could be too late. A practitioner who does not run after comfortable environments but walks on the path alone under humble circumstances would find it easier to notice the delusions and discard them thread by thread. Without reliance would be in accordance with the limitless original purity, and naturally yield lively spontaneity.

Written in Chinese on May 30, 2000
Translated on June 1, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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