Finding a Way out to Live

Yutang Lin

Besieged in sorrow by tides of suffering and hindrance,
Sinking ever deeper into the whirlpool of worldly sorrows,
When blue sky is out of sight and taking a breath is difficult,
Most urgent is to find a way out to continue living.


All kinds of hardship and suffering in the world are beyond worldly remedies. Many people live in sorrows with adverse conditions piling up and their situation ever deteriorating as if being pulled into a bottomless whirlpool. Understanding of Buddhist teachings on karma and causal relationships and adoption of Buddhist practices would eventually lead people to gradually attain improvement of attitude and situation. As to people who are severely burdened by suffering and hindrance, the most urgent task is to find a way out to live. Otherwise, they might become insane or even commit suicide. Experienced practitioners might give guidance to broaden views so as to help people make wiser decisions on how to act and how not to follow.

Written in Chinese on May 10, 2000
Translated on May 13, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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