Spreading Blessings through Transportation

Yutang Lin

Personally experienced blessings of light and force,
Dedicating body and mind so as to spread it to all.
Whatever appreciation gained is noted down for the public.
Offerings become resources for Dharma activities.


Since I began to read Buddhist books and practice chanting "Amitabha" 25 years ago, the blessing of Guru and Buddha has never ceased. Many times have I experienced blessings in the form of light and force, thus I understand that Buddha Dharma is not vain words. With sincere wish for all sentient beings to receive such deep blessings I am dedicating my life to the practice and propagation of the Dharma. Whatever appreciation and understanding of the teachings I have gained is put down in writing for the public to share. Voluntarily engaging in many kinds of Dharma services so that all offerings received are presented to Buddhas and sentient beings. Fire pujas and vase offerings are for the holy beings; releasing lives, Powa service, free distribution of Buddhist books and images are for sentient beings. The transportation of offerings to them is based on Bodhicitta. The blessings are spread in these ways lest I be unworthy of the teaching of Yogi Chen that one should "repay the kindness of sentient beings to Buddhas, and repay the kindness of Buddhas to sentient beings."

Written in Chinese on May 10, 2000
At the time when it was already Buddha's birthday in Asia
Translated on May 12, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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