Joining and Parting in Bodhi

Yutang Lin

Join together with sole wish to help attain
Propagation of the Dharma to benefit all;
When advice is of no avail it's time to part,
Bodhi wish and diligent efforts would continue.


Propagation of the Dharma would inevitably involve the joining together and parting away of people. How to join and part with others so that the Bodhi intention would not be affected? Joining together should be solely for progress on the path and spreading of the Dharma. If irregularity is observed, advice and discussion should be given. When advice is of no avail, it is time to part without arguing or fighting. In this manner neither time nor energy would be wasted on individual insistence. Dedicated practice and propagation of the Dharma could then still be continued. Propagation of the Dharma aims at equally benefiting all without personal exceptions. Consequently, even though parted, the original Bodhi intentions would still apply to the former colleagues, while growing stronger and maturer as a result of such trials.

Written in Chinese and translated on May 6, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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