Out of Slight Ailment

Yutang Lin

Slight ailment pulls the whole body;
For days weakened to uneasiness.
Not to mention those with lingering illness
Year after year remain in suffering.

Even though knew to practice in normal time;
Nevertheless, could not help yield slippery acts.
Being sick means time for trial;
Repeating "Amitabha" becomes hard to maintain.

One minute is more precious than thousands in gold;
Alas! Feebleness renders time useless.
Remembering Buddha's words under siege,
Impermanence sinks into mind layer by layer.

Microscopic wars are raging within the body;
Total mobilization help subtle channels open.
Hindrance could also help progress on the path;
Compassionate blessings have never stayed afar.


Last few days I suffered a little from tooth infection; my reflections are presented here. Since I had taken antibiotics it is well under control now. During this ailment I sensed that some subtle channels opened. Therefore I understand that it was Buddha's blessing to use the infection to induce mobilization so that it in turn would help achieve complete development of inner channels.

Written in Chinese on May 2nd, 2000
Translated on May 4, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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