Invisible Nectar Shower

Yutang Lin

Four Dragon Time auspiciously completed by vases offered.
All offerings had been presented and become fire and smoke.
While enjoying picnic in the shade of the wooden shed
All simultaneously felt the blessing of invisible nectar shower.


On April 28, 2000 we offered vases to the Dragon King to celebrate the auspicious Four Dragon Time, i.e., Dragon hour on Dragon day of Dragon month in Dragon year, then we went up to the mountain to perform fire puja to Amitabha Buddha. After all offerings had been presented into the fire altar, the four of us were picnicking in the shade of the small hut. Suddenly all of us felt simultaneously that we were bathing in invisible nectar shower. We could feel clearly nectar showering over our bodies, and yet they were too fine to be visible. It was a sunny day with only thin white clouds in high sky above. It seemed that the nectar came from nowhere, except directly out of Blank Essence. This kind of inspirational event is very rare and auspicious. Therefore, I record it here.

Written in Chinese on May 1st, 2000
Translated on May 4, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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