Transforming Everything into Light

Yutang Lin

Accumulated experiences shape views and preferences,
Even recognized as biased and narrow-minded could not be dropped.
Antidotal practices may reduce the symptoms but remain dualistic.
Transforming everything into light to achieve purity in oneness.


Based on sensual experiences we have psychologically fixed views and preferences regarding our bodies and environments. All such artificial elements should be renounced in order to resume the original state of ease. Even though we could approach this goal by adopting antidotal practices aiming at certain propensities, e.g., engaging in alms giving to reduce our attachment and greed, the fundamental dualistic attitude of assuming a subject and object distinction could hardly be resolved by an antidotal approach. In Buddhist tantric practices one, first of all, visualizes everything, including one's own physical body, transformed into limitless expanse of blue light that is originally pure. This visualization encompasses everything, and even transforms the fundament dualistic distinction of subject and object into no distinction. Furthermore, blue light has no corporeal blockage and hence impossible to grasp; thus it is very helpful to our renouncing psychological prejudices and attachments. Above is based on my experiences in such practices; may Buddhists all share the benefits by adopting this practice.

Written in Chinese on April 26, 2000
Translated on April 27, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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