Work only for the Dharma

Yutang Lin

Be mindful of Bodhi in every situation encountered,
Only relevant to true Dharma is worth participation.
Smooth or difficult circumstances are equal for practice.
Each one is under conditions that transcend arguments.


Be mindful of Bodhicitta in every situation so that one constantly reflects on whether the present engagement is really conducive to cultivation of wisdom and compassion. Only matters that are relevant to true Dharma practices are worthy of participation. Indeed, once the Buddhist theories are thoroughly comprehended, any situation would be an opportunity for practice regardless of its being favorable or problematic. There is no time and space that is impossible to practice. Looking back much later on one would realize that it is often the more difficult times that are most helpful to one's spiritual advancement. Easy times often render one superficial in practice and efforts. Insisting on certain ways as the only approaches that are conducive to growth on the path is dubiously valid. Each one is floating on the waves of the conditions of life; there is no exception. Arguing occurs when people fail to realize this basic fact. Seeing this fact, there is no place for verbal displays. Each one should carefully cultivate inner peace and maturity. Whenever one's karmic consequences arise there is neither someone else to substitute nor ways to escape.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 20, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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