Solid Practice

Yutang Lin

Trapped in karmic nets with no leisure for practice,
Yet wishing for miraculous ways to quick success.
Buddha attained liberation after complete renunciation;
Worldly pollution obscures entrance to the Dharma.


Nowadays some Buddhists aspire for wondrous or profound practices without sincere concern for basic teachings of impermanence and renunciation. They do not care to devote all their time and energies toward progress on the path. Prince Siddhartha renounced family and throne, then practiced austerity on snowy mountains for six years. He almost died of hunger and nearly drowned because of flimsy body. Eventually he attained enlightenment. How could enlightenment be attained by someone whose interest is only amateur and whose Dharma practices are playful and occasional? Buddhists who have not yet renounced worldly engagements should concentrate on chanting and prostration practices; no need to be greedy for fancy practices. One should realize that, before worldly pollution has been cleaned up, even to enter into the Gate of the Dharma is difficult.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 8, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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