Associating with Deep Intentions

Yutang Lin

Perfumed with purity is rare occasion indeed,
Like floating duckweed sprinkled with nectar.
Karmic past and consequences no need to see;
May Dharma connection last to nurture peace!


Following the Bodhi path as walked by Guru Chen I have been in Dharma association with many sentient beings through lectures, publications, Powa services, releasing lives, fire pujas and Dragon vase offerings for nearly two decades. It is indeed a rare occasion for sentient beings to open up and receive the teachings, and to engage in the Dharma activities. It goes beyond our comprehension as to what past karmas and what karmic consequences are for the sentient beings that we come across. Nevertheless, our Dharma activities are conducted with the deep wish that, once the Dharma connection is established, the sentient beings we have served will never deviate from the right path and will gradually proceed further on the Dharma path until they reach ultimate liberation. Thus we are carrying out the teaching of Padmasambhava that whoever comes into contact will be benefited accordingly.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 8, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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