Connection without Exception

Yutang Lin

Universal oneness bears kindred profound,
Without karmic thread yet compassion bound.
Transcending the billion varieties of beings,
Connection without exception using Dharma means.


"Great compassion without conditions" refers to the aspect of compassion that it arises out of freedom from self and therefore does not require any special condition to ignite. In fact, the four aspects of great compassion should be understood as facets of one harmonious totality. The so-called "without conditions" is indeed based on the fundamental condition of being in oneness. Even though without karmic connections in the past, within the net of Bodhicitta vows all sentient beings are included. Beings vary in trillion ways; in the light of Bodhicitta they are all viewed as equals and are guided according to their propensities and capabilities. As wisdom exercises in limitless ways to benefit all beings, "great compassion without conditions" is indeed the compassion that connects with all beings without exceptions.

Today in a letter from a Buddhist friend "great compassion without conditions" was mentioned. While I read it the thoughts above arose, hence I put it down in writing.

Written in Chinese on April 3, 2000
Translated on April 5, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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