Selfless Named "Buddha"

Yutang Lin

Seeing selfless forgets discrimination;
How could realization or not be attributed?
Under the name "Buddha" nothing to denote;
Practice adjusting bits and pieces to selfless.


In the light of selfless no self ever exists independently. Consequently there is no problem of having attained Buddha or not. So called "attaining Buddha" means just thorough selfless. In other words, there is the name "Buddha" but it is without designation. Once the above view is understood, then practice is not concerned with how one has advanced or achieved but only need to reflect on bits and pieces of thoughts and activities to see if they are in accordance with selfless. Those thoughts and activities that are not in agreement with selfless need to be changed. In general, one-sided statements that are insisted on, and asserting one's correctness while denouncing others without resorting to rational arguments are expressions of self-centeredness. Free from demanding and complaining, and remaining tolerant and accommodating are in accordance with selfless.

Written in Chinese and translated on April 2, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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