Lessons in Simplicity

Yutang Lin

This practitioner was in doubt as to what to choose;
Protectors kindly revealed the most suitable choice.
Diligently looking after me in matters great or small,
The unspoken teaching is to be simple and practical.


Recently there were two occasions when I was to make a choice among kinds of Internet connections and models of digital cameras. At both occasions the protectors blessed me with a revelation regarding the choice. They have been protecting and guiding this practitioner for years, and they provided help even on such small matters. Reflecting on the kind of choices indicated, I realized that the unspoken teaching of their guidance is to be simple and practical. Lest I become unworthy of their grace, I write this article to share their teaching with all Buddhists. May we all remain simple and practical in our manners and ways!

Written in Chinese and translated on March 27, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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