Penetrating Illusions through Questioning

Yutang Lin

Competing in whirlwinds under heavy loads,
For whom and what is one so preoccupied?
Reflecting, examining and keep questioning oneself,
Soon would realize no need to chase after mirage.

In complacency taking occasional inspiration as achievement,
Under the label of compassion entertaining entanglement;
Scrupulously check through intention and activities,
Thoroughly eliminate illusions to be free from attachment.


Worldly affairs cannot be relinquished because insight is not deep. Being stagnant or going astray on the path because view is not thorough. Persisting with but one question of "And then?" one could realize that life is just birth, old age, illness, death and the gathering and dispersing of conditions. Thus one would know to renounce the worldly and engage in Dharma practices. Any situation or inspirational experience, when put to the test of the questioning of "And then?" would be realized to be unworthy of grasping. Consequently there is no hindrance to freedom. Thoroughly press the question and thereby eliminate all illusions, then the liberation in original purity would arise.

Written in Chinese on February 2, 2000
Translated on February 3, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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