Releasing the Grasping

Yutang Lin

Wisdom and Compassion expand while attachment dwindling;
Right path being difficult to discern one should be careful and diligent.
Driven by formality and worldly concerns is going astray;
How could one be liberated with ever deepening habits of pollution?


The path of enlightenment is essentially a matter of cultivation of wisdom and compassion through reduction of attachment. As to prosperity and fame in the worldly circles, that is completely irrelevant to progress on the spiritual path. A practitioner should pay particular attention to this point so as to engage in real cultivation instead of superficial activities. If one were busy with matters of formalities and even to the extent of engaging in arguments, then that would certainly be a mistake. Under the labels of "Dharma" and "Bodhi" one is creating personal karma without being aware of its real import; consequently worldly habits and pollution are piled up and pulling one away from the goal of enlightenment. What a pity!

Written in Chinese and translated on January 17, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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