Releasing the Grasping

Yutang Lin

When mind is grasping the body is tense;
Releasing the thought and body becomes relaxed.
Ridding of grasping lest one besieges oneself.
After sunset the moon gradually rises.


Mind and body are intimately interactive. When the mind is fixed on something the body is enwrapped in a layer of tension. Release the captivating thought and the body would be freed from the freeze to return to a relaxed state. Once this is understood, the activities of the mind have their instantaneous rewards and punishments. Causes and consequences are always in exact proportions. Life is impermanent; time and tide wait for no one. Why burden oneself with many grasping to render oneself restless? Why not empty and open up the mind so as to appreciate in tranquility the fact that, things in the world are evolving naturally in accordance with the coming together and going apart of conditions.

Written in Chinese during the last two hours of 1999
Translated on January 2, 2000
El Cerrito, California

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