Looking beyond Thousands of Years

Yutang Lin

Position one thousands of years away;
Do worldly things matter at all?
Only the path to liberation remains of essence;
Devotedly and diligently engage in it.


Dharma friends sent me lists of deceased for Powa service. Among the deceased are famous persons throughout history such as emperors, kings, generals, premiers, and great masters of arts and literature. Viewed from now, such temporary glory and disgrace, prosperity and decline, are all of no consequences. The only thing that matters for each and every sentient being is to go on the path of ultimate liberation from the suffering of transmigration in the six realms from life to life. Buddhists often find it difficult to place the Dharma at the center of their mind. If we practice looking beyond thousands of years often, it might help us to realize what is important and what is inessential in life.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 21, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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