Great and Compassionate

Yutang Lin

Cut off all worldly connections, then entered the Dharma gate.
Being great and compassionate to what extent?
The mind opened up to boundless expanse;
In oneness, Dharmadhatu is without traces of boundary.


In October I gave two talks in Gao Xiong, Taiwan. Both lectures were graced with the presence of a nun in the audience. After the second lecture, while the audiences were still asking me questions, she voluntarily revealed the extraordinary experience of her renunciation to becoming a nun: At first, all worldly connections were cut off, then she entered the Dharma gate. Immediately she heard a voice saying, "Entering the Sangha is very great." She asked, "How great?" Immediately there were two flows of air pouring out from her heart and pushing it open toward the sides; alas, they extended without boundary into infinity. Again, she heard a voice saying, "Entering the Sangha is very compassionate." She asked, "How compassionate?" Immediately she experienced again the infinite expansion of two flows of air from her heart. From this precious revelation of her experience at the moment she decided to renounce the world to enter the Sangha it is obvious that such an act is not just renouncing one worldly relations but is connected with merging into the limitless-oneness of the Dharmadhatu. Since members of the Sangha are dedicated to the propagation of the great awakening of the limitless oneness of all things, and the subjects of their service with equanimity are all sentient beings in all directions and times, therefore, their greatness and compassion are boundless. This teaching of the nun is hereby carefully recorded so that all who comes across it may share the blessings of her teaching both in person and in speech.

Written in Chinese: December 13, 1999
Translated: December 14, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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