Merging back into Original Purity

Yutang Lin

All things are originally pure beyond conceptualization;
Evaluating individuals amounts to being trapped in entanglement.
Merging back into Oneness while self disappears,
Waves roll back into the ocean without leaving traces.


While practicing meditation on Blank Essence (Sunyata) one should understand that all things are originally without dualistic discriminations such as good or evil, beauty or ugly, etc., but are in inseparable oneness. As conditions meet or disintegrate all things come into the phases of emerging, abiding, evolving and decaying. All things are mutually dependent and conditionally related. There is no absolute distinction of subject and object. However, due to differences in view and standing, there could simultaneously be various sets of artificial distinction of subject and object. Following the evolution of conditions individual karmas exemplify the correspondence of causes and results. Nevertheless, in the meditation of merging back into Blank Essence there is no self to be found, and consequently no traces of the so-called "individual karma." In the view that encompasses the whole Dharmadhatu (the collection of all things) as one totality the so-called "individual karmas" are like waves in the ocean that seem to move away but in fact stay stationary. Each wave is an inseparable tiny bit of the whole ocean at a particular time and spot. When practicing meditation on Blank Essence, the key is to merge back into limitless-oneness; therefore, one should not be bothered by considerations related to individual karmas.

Master Hui Neng, the sixth patriarch of Chan School in China, once said to a monk: "Without considering good, without considering evil, what is your original face?" This remark may be pondered in the light of the preceding paragraph.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 3, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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