White Garment Guan Yin

Yutang Lin

White Garment Guan Yin and her attendant girl
Smilingly told me, no need to do prostration.
Buddha's hand made drawing in space to grant blessing,
Simultaneously my whole body was filled with power.


This coming Saturday will be the first time that I perform fire puja to Guan Yin according to the ritual just composed not long ago. This morning in a dream I saw White Garment Guan Yin (a female transformation of Avalokitesvara well known to Chinese people) with an attendant girl. I made one prostration to them; Guan Yin, slightly smiling, said, "No need." I made another prostration; both of them smilingly said, "No need to do so." Therefore I rose and approached them. Guan Yin told me to sit down. Then she raised her right hand and made drawings in space toward me to grant blessings. Simultaneously I felt power came to me; it filled the whole body with strength and helped my inner channels to become unobstructed. This blessing is granted to me even prior to the fire puja. It must be due to her compassion for my difficult task of accomplishing pacifying, enriching and harmonizing activities with this one ritual that such boost of power is bestowed to help accomplish the task. This blessing event is hereby carefully recorded to express my gratitude. As to her kind permission for me to do without prostration, I presume that it is because she sympathized with this practitioner's having devoted to Dharma activities for so many years that such outward expression of respect was deemed no longer necessary.

Written in Chinese: November 16, 1999
Translated: November 17, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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