Arrival Just in Time for the Occasion

Yutang Lin

After thousand earthworms returned home, Powa is to begin;
Suddenly came a car of two mourning mother and daughter.
The deceased enjoyed reading my works and distributed them;
Such good Dharma connection eventually led to this meeting.


Yesterday after releasing one thousand and eight earthworms into ground, our group of ten Buddhists was going to begin the Powa service for the deceased in Lincoln Memorial Park. Suddenly a car arrived and two mourning mother and daughter came out from it. One of us knew them and hence invited them to join the service. Later we were told that yesterday they were notified of the installation of the new tombstone for their beloved father who passed away not long ago. Therefore, they already came once yesterday; however, they came only seven minutes to 5 p.m. and the gate was already closed. This morning they came again to pay respect and inspect the tombstone. They were not aware of our activity, let alone the time and spot of this service, and yet they had arrived just in time for the occasion. Thus, late Mr. Norman S. Jung was included among the deceased to be serviced. Mr. Jung used to enjoy reading my works on Buddhist teachings, and help circulate them by displaying them for his customers to pick up free of charges. Once he transferred five boxes of my books to the local Guan Yin Temple for wider circulation. During his life he had such Dharma connection with me, therefore, after he passed away he was blessed by Buddhas to lead his family to this meeting. Thereby both his family and himself can share the benefits of the Powa blessings. Not knowing anything in advance, and yet arrived at exactly the right time and spot, such connections of causes and conditions are indeed inconceivable and yet traceable. May all those who learn about this incident pay attention to cultivating Dharma connections, and eventually enjoy the benefits of their fruition.

Written in Chinese: October 3, 1999
Portland, Oregon
Translated: October 14, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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