Transferring Resources and Teachings

Yutang Lin

Falling are rains and snows while steam soars into space;
Clouds and fogs float when frost diminishes in the sun.
Brought nothing at birth but sure to part with all upon death;
Constantly offer nectar of Dharma and worldly resources.


In nature all things are constantly evolving. For example, water freezes into ice and boils into steam. Thus the phenomena of clouds, fogs, rains, snows, frosts, dews, creeks, rivers, lakes and even oceans are formed. All things in human life eventually will evolve and change. While one is still alive, be active in transferring the Buddhist teachings and worldly resources so as to benefit all lest this life become vain. In so doing one is approaching the constant way of nature.

Written in Chinese: September 2, 1999
Translated: October 13, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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