The Way to Respond

Yutang Lin

Counteracting in animosity cycles endlessly;
Illusive life suddenly blows out before awakening.
Advance or rest only as prescribed by the Dharma;
Flow along all things while abiding in tranquility.


The antagonistic approach of "a tooth for a tooth" can not guarantee eternal victory or loss; it would only plant the seed for cycles of retribution and thereby yield the fruit of no peace for all entangled within. Some people would not have awakened to this truth even until death, and then they would definitely follow their karmas and flow into next life of similar predicament. How could they escape suffering and attain peace and harmony in this way? If all one's actions are determined solely in accordance with Bodhicitta, and are results of considerations as to how best to help one another awake and achieve liberation, then the paths and methods taken and the degree of involvement will be reasonable and compassionate, transcending counterattacks and quarrels. The course taken will consist of helping others' convenience, advising as occasion arises, and walking on the Bodhi path oneself; and that is all.

Written in Chinese: June 9, 1999
Translated: September 29, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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