Feasible or Not

Yutang Lin

Reasons abundant and yet communication impossible,
No place to plead except to hold grudge in vain.
Under feasible conditions things would naturally continue;
Seeing hindrance unsurpassable, one should renounce early.


Worldly affairs are often interpreted differently by various people with biased views, and hence communication becomes difficult if not impossible. Many such matters are accumulated in people's minds, and over long years they would become unbearable and inescapable heavy burdens. In fact, it would be easier to resolve such predicament if these matters are reviewed according to whether people involved have compatible views and ways of handling matters. Namely, if compatible, then let it continue; otherwise, rather end it earlier. Such decisions are based on the conditions of the situation, without involving strenuous maneuvers, and might avoid long years of suffering and depression caused by continuing indecision.

Written in Chinese: May 31, 1999
Translated: September 29, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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