Great Impartiality without Self

Yutang Lin

Meeting and dispersing of causes and conditions are like tidal waves;
Great impartiality without a trace of self accords with genuine wisdom.
Slightly mixed with artificiality would yield hindrance and suffocation;
Free from intentions and calculation it is readily accomplished.


That causes and conditions lead to consequences is the inconceivable perpetual operation among all interrelated parts of the Dharmadhatu. Intentional maneuvers, limited by selfish bias, would run unexpectedly into stagnant situations. If selfishness could be eradicated to the extent that one is free from calculated motives, then things would unfold naturally in accordance with the law of causes and consequences, and readily meet the genuine wisdom of Buddha to accomplish Bodhi activities.

Written in Chinese: May 11, 1999
Translated: September 26, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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