Return to Reality

Yutang Lin

Right awakening is irrelevant to limitations of time and space;
Do avoid following fashion and falling victim to misrepresentation.
Simply expand sincerity to merge into the limitless Dharmadhatu;
Be plain and natural, with depth and width immeasurable.


Right awakening cannot emerge within the confine of locality and time frame. If a Buddhist practitioner mistakenly holds onto names and formality and follows the fashion, then he will be a Buddhist in name only but actually walks further and further astray. The key is to expand sincerity as if facing all holy beings and sentient beings in the whole Dharmadhatu, and, based on such awakening, to motivate and conduct oneself in thinking, speech and action. After years of such practice one would naturally and gradually merge into the reality of the Dharmadhatu which is beyond manipulation and measurement.

Written in Chinese: April 24, 1999
Translated: September 24, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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