A Practitioner Holds No Enemy

Yutang Lin

Among social engagements conflicts may arise now and then;
Mind is preoccupied in handling and trapped in entanglements.
Practitioners root their minds in empathizing the suffering of beings;
Maintaining innocence without animosity to enjoy tranquility.


In the world there are all sorts of views and activities that divergence and antagonism are inevitable. Once involved, not only time and energy would be wasted but also trapped ever deeper, often with no way out. All involved are suffering more and tenser; why should all these have started in the first place? Buddhist practitioners recognize this point well enough to avoid worldly involvement. Instead their minds are set on empathizing the suffering of all beings, and their lives are devoted to Buddhist practices and the spreading of teachings so that the suffering beings would eventually all attain thorough and ultimate emancipation. Maintain sincerity and pure goodness, hold no one as enemy or antagonist, and speak and act not aiming at any particular individual or group but only to propagate long-term and general principles. Living in such a way, after long periods one would naturally experience the peaceful joy of being pure and plain.

Written in Chinese: April 16, 1999
Translated: September 23, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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