Sentiments at Releasing Lives

Yutang Lin

Crabs and lobsters, the few friends before eyes,
Luckily are going back to sea to celebrate life anew.
Countless suffering beings cared for in mind,
Wish them escaped from entanglements to enjoy peace.


Yesterday before going up to the mountain to perform fire puja, we went to the ocean to release 13 lobsters and 40 crabs. The number of lives released each time is rather limited. However, after years and years of such practices, one is no longer bound by the number before eyes, but instinctively feel that this activity is done for the salvation of all sentient beings from suffering. The few crabs and lobsters are indeed representatives of all beings, and the releasing is an effort toward and an act of liberating all sentient beings. Each time when releasing lives is performed, whoever happens to see or hear about it are moved to some extent. Buddhist practices often purify and add warmth to the world in unobtrusive ways.

Written in Chinese:
Qing Ming Festival in 1999
Yesterday was Easter.
Translated: September 6, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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