Mind Purified Then Channels Restored

Yutang Lin

Traces of mind and paths of inner wind shape each other;
Purifying thoughts and regulating breaths affect mutually.
Pulling threads from a cocoon, layer after layer till end;
Illusive grasping suddenly gone and channels restored.


Ways of mind and passages of inner air mutually affect one another to shape the mode of each individual. Practicing to sustain pure thoughts consecutively and regulate breathing for cultivation of inner air are two sides of a coin. Their common goal is to achieve complete and thorough emancipation of body and mind in harmony. Only through long-term devoted efforts in Dharma practices and services can one gradually become free from the entanglement of body and mind; the process may be likened to pulling threads from a cocoon till exhaustion. Only when illusive grasping suddenly disappears, can inner channels of air restore to their original healthy path.

Written in Chinese: March 10, 1999
Translated: September 18, 1999
El Cerrito, California

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