Nectar Falling from Heaven

Yutang Lin

Nectar falling from heaven in accordance with occasions;
Cleansing and blessing with sprinkle that wets not clothing.
Beyond conceivable was the grace once granted in Malaysia,
Sunny day in open space each person received only two drops.


Day before yesterday a fire puja to Vaisravana Heavenly King was performed. It was sunny all day; however, at the end of the fire puja right before the subsequent smoke puja suddenly it sprinkled for about five minutes. It was obviously an auspicious inspiration of the Heavenly King sprinkling nectars on us. For decades now, we have often experienced this kind of blessings through sprinkling nectars. Usually it comes right before or after a Dharma activity, such as fire puja, deliverance of deceased, Dragon vase offering, releasing of lives, and Dharma talks. Sprinkle comes before a Dharma activity to cleanse the place, people and objects involved. It comes afterwards to grant blessings to the participants. Among such inspirational events, the most inconceivable one occurred during deliverance of deceased in Pokok Sena, Malaysia. We were led by a local Buddhist, Loh Yit Chong, to his grandfather's tomb in a cemetery. It was sunny without a trace of cloud. The tomb is in open space without any tree nearby. During my Powa service to deliver the deceased to Buddha's Pureland each person there sensed two or three drops of nectar fallen on forehead or arm. In the group there were some experienced Buddhists such as Goh Kuo Keong who realized that it was an inspiration of nectar blessing. Sprinkle can still be explained in terms of mere weather change; events such as this when each one received only two or three drops could be none other than miraculous inspiration.


Written in Chinese: February 28, 1999
Translated: September 17, 1999
El Cerrito, California


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